English Events at TeamDev

Welcome to our club! 

Next Event: 

Next event coming soon! Stay tuned! 

Join us and let's have fun while improving our English! 

What We Do: 

We watch movies and TV series in English. We chat in English. We play board games in English. And sometimes, there's pizza. 

About the Movies

We watch in English with English subtitles. I give a list of all the new words in the movie in the order they appear. 
Usually, we start at 7 p.m. in the Mess Room. Movie nights are free for everyone who wants to join. 
After the movie, we have a short discussion in English. 

About the Board Games 

We have lots of board games in English in the office. They include Alias, Dixit, Pictureka, Munchkin and so on. You are welcome to play them whenever you want. 
Sometimes, we play together in English. Don't worry about your English level, join us and have fun! 

Join us! 

I create events in our Google+ community Company News

If  you want to join, turn the notifications in this community On, and you'll get an email every time a new event comes up. 

Please respond to the invitation so that I can have an understanding of how many people are planning to join and prepare enough handouts for everyone.