Prepositions of Place and Movement

Dependent Prepositions

Tell me, do you listen to music every day? 
Why can’t I say “listen music” or “listen at music” or “listen on music”? Because we say “listen to”. But why? – you will ask me. Because there are some prepositions that we simply must know. They are linked to the word they go after, like this: 

So in this article I want to tell you about some must-know prepositions! 
First of all, there are verbs followed by prepositions. There are also nouns and adjectives followed by prepositions. 
Let’s take a look at verbs:


When we have a verb followed by a preposition, we use gerund (Verb-ing) after the preposition. For example, we say “I worry about getting a good job”, we succed in doing something. 
This is a verb pattern: verb + preposition + gerund. 
There are many more verbs with dependent prepositions, I advise you to write them down in your vocabulary notebook when you come across them. 


As you see, there are also adjectives followed by prepositions. 
Here are some of them: 



And last, but not least, there are nouns followed by prepositions. 


Of course, there are more prepositions, but that’s for you to discover! Write them below in the comments – share your knowledge OF prepositions! :-) 
And of course, don’t forget to practice