Lessons at TeamDev

About the Lessons

In TeamDev, we have English lessons for everyone who wants to improve their language skills.

As you know, most of our clients speak English, so a good level of written and spoken language is essential for our work and career.

The Schedule

English lessons for each group are held twice a week.

Each lesson takes 1h 15m.

After you take the test, we'll tell you the schedule of the group you can join.


We have homework. And you need to do it.

Without working at home and practicing the skills you learned at the lesson, the efficiency of our lessons is much smaller. We cannot guarantee you progress if you don't work at home. You know, practice makes perfect.

So do your part, and we'll do ours. Together we can improve your English!

Missing Lessons

If you are planning to have a vacation or if you are sick, include english@teamdev.com in the Calendar event of your work absence.

This way, I will know that you're not skipping classes without a good reason, and you will not get charged for the lessons you missed.

Try not to miss lessons unless you really have to.

How to Join

If you want to improve your English and have lots of motivation, take an language test so we can understand your level of knowledge. Then we'll see which group would be best for you and you can try it out.

Ready to join? Email at: