A period is used to end sentences, just like in Russian, and to designate file extensions. The following rules refer to English and are really noteworthy.

With abbreviations

A period is used with some abbreviations, and always with those abbreviations that would look like a word otherwise.



In lists

When a colon introduces a bulleted list, use a period after each entry if it is a complete sentence or a phrase that completes the introduction.

The database owner can:

* Create and delete a database.

* Add, delete, or modify a document.

* Add, delete, or modify any information in the database.

Do not end the entries with periods if they are all short phrases (three words or fewer).

The database includes:

* Reports

* Forms

* Tables

Mr. vs. Mr

British people usually write abbreviations without full stops in modern English.

Full stops are normal in American English.

Mr (AmE Mr.)= Mister, kg (AmE kg.)= kilogram, Ltd = limited (company)