Status Meeting Phrases


  • I have finished task number ...

    • I have completed the task about...

    • I'm done with <task>.

    • I'm done with all my tasks.

    • I've done task number...

    • <Name> and <Name> are done with this task.

    • <Name> has finished working on <task>.

    • We've finished all the tasks in this sprint.

In Progress

    • I've been working on <task>.

This means that you started it in the past and you're still working on it.

    • At the moment, I'm working on <task>.

    • I'd like to continue working on <task>.

    • I'm still working on <task> because <reason>.

e.g. I'm still working on this task because it turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought.

    • I'll be working on this task for two more hours.

    • I need about two days to complete this task.

    • Yesterday, I started task number...

    • <Task> is in progress.

    • I'm in the middle of fixing bug number...

    • I'm almost done with <task>.

    • I've been working on <task> for <time>.

e.g. I've been working on the task about the Item Picker for five hours.


  • Tomorrow, I'm going to start working on <task>.

  • I'd like to take this task.

  • I think I'll need around eight hours to do this task.

  • I think it'll take around <estimate>.

  • This task will take about <estimate>.

  • I'm planning to finish this task today.

  • I'm planning on getting this task done by Tuesday.

  • I plan to finish <task> by Monday/in three days / today / on Tuesday.

  • I'm intending to start <task> tomorrow.

  • What task should I do next?

  • What task would you like me to do next?

  • <Name> is going to work on <task> next week.

  • <Name> will take care of this bug on Monday.

  • I'll start working on <next task> when I finish <current task>.

  • I'll move on to task <task-as-link> after I complete task <task-as-link>.

Time Phrases

    • On Monday — в понедельник

    • By Monday — к понедельнику

    • In a week — через неделю

    • For a week — неделю (на протяжении недели)

    • For three days — три дня (на протяжении)

    • Last Monday — в прошлый понедельник

    • At the weekend — на выходных

    • Next week — на следующей неделе

    • In the morning / afternoon / evening — утром, днем, вечером

    • Tomorrow morning — завтра утром

    • On Monday morning — утром в понедельник