Prepositions of Place and Movement

Dependent Prepositions

Tell me, do you listen to music every day?

Why can’t I say “listen music” or “listen at music” or “listen on music”? Because we say “listen to”. But why? – you will ask me. Because there are some prepositions that we simply must know. They are linked to the word they go after, like this:

So in this article we want to tell you about some must-know prepositions.

Verbs Followed by Prepositions

First of all, there are verbs followed by prepositions. There are also nouns and adjectives followed by prepositions.

Let’s take a look at verbs:

When we have a verb followed by a preposition, we use gerund (Verb-ing) after the preposition. For example, we say:

I worry about getting a good job.

We succeed in doing this.

This is a verb pattern:

verb + preposition + gerund

There are many more verbs with dependent prepositions. We advise you to write them down in your vocabulary notebook when you come across them.

Adjectives Followed by Prepositions

There are also adjectives followed by prepositions. Here are some of them:

Nouns Followed by Prepositions

And last, but not least, there are nouns followed by prepositions.

Of course, there are more prepositions, but that’s for you to discover!